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"I had suffered with back problems and sciatica for over 10 years when I visited Perry at the Uhealth acupuncture Chinese clinic and received acupuncture and cupping treatments. Since my treatment, I have felt so much better and the pain has reduced significantly. I had problems sleeping before my treatment due to my leg and back pain - but now I find that I am sleeping much better.
I would highly recommend Perry and her gentle and effective practice. The caring and friendly treatment was painless and began to work almost immediately, then gradually getting better each week. After 12 or 13 treatments, my back pain and sciatica were so much better." --- Marion Gossman

"My treatment at the Uhealth acupuncture clinic was hugely successful. During my first consultation with Perry, I explained that I had previously been admitted to hospital three times for chronic kidney pains. My symptoms were similar to those of a patient with kidney stones, however the tests I underwent in hospital were inconclusive. In addition to hospital visits, I had spent the previous three months seeing various specialists and undergoing a range of tests, none of which could explain my pain and discomfort.
Almost immediately (one day) after my first session with Perry, my kidney pain and the related symptoms had completely disappeared. It was almost unbelievable how well my body reacted to the acupuncture and cupping treatment, and it was for this reason that I was able to get back to my studies and finish my fourth year law papers. I will always be extremely impressed with the way Perry managed my condition, and would highly recommend the services provided by her clinic to anyone suffering from pain." --- Tim

"I have recommended many people to try acupuncture with Perry Wu for pain and discomfit in any part of the body. It is relaxing and painless and her premises are spotlessly clean with parking at the door. An excellent alternative treatment which really works, also covered by ACC." --- Irene Hague Smith

"My wife and I have visited Mrs. Perry Wu on separate occasions for different health problems that have not been cured by conventional medicine. For both of us her treatment has been successful and given in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. We recommend her as a thoroughly professional and kindly health therapist who is well qualified from years of study and training." --- David