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Can Chinese herbal medicine help with flu and common cold?

We are constantly pestered by common cold and flu and scared that we might become the next “lucky” flu victim. With a shortage of flu vaccine and the not-so-effective flu remedies given by our doctors, there must be an alternative for all this. Chinese herbal medicine helps to prevent and combat cold and flu through strengthening our body’s immune system, it tackles the underlying weaknesses which not only prevents flu, but also prevents many other frequently seen diseases. A qualified Chinese doctor makes diagnosis through feeling pulses, observing the colour of the tongue, and asking essential questions. You must think this procedure is too simplistic, but simple procedures like these are enough for the doctor to understand your body’s condition.

Many will probably wonder, do Chinese doctors possess knowledge about the different kinds of flu, and about all those peculiar diseases around us? To be honest, they might not possess the full knowledge, but through diagnosis and the right treatment, herbal medicine will help your body rehabilitate to its best condition. If you are in doubt over effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine, don’t be, because it has been proven effective for thousands of years. We don’t deserve to be treated for one disease and struck by another, Chinese herbal medicine are free from all those nasty side effects by modern drug-based medicines. Chinese herbal medicine will bring you natural health, and the best thing is, all the measuring and cooking is gone! It is now available in concentrated herbal granule that will dissolve in two seconds with boiled water. If you are suffering from cold and flu, a runny nose or a blocked nose, stop the antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs. Consult with a Chinese doctor, and get your hands on a truly effective prescription that will treat your disease and boost your whole body’s health system the natural way.

Most patients suffering from a cold or flu would recover in 1-5 days after taking the prescribed Chinese herbal medicine.